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GSM Modem Kit

The GSM modem gives you the freedom to receive messages and modifie settings on the EFOY PRO at distance.

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Fuel Cartridge Holder

This fuel cartridge holder is a must for a safe and reliable fixation of an M5 or M10 fuel cartridge in a vehicle.The holder is fixed with 4 screws and is equipped with a quick release fixation belt.

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Fuel Cartridge Sensor

The fuel cartridge sensor FS1 allows you to check the fuel level. It gives a signal when the fuel has reached a certain level (pre-alarm).
It works also excellent in combination with the GSM modem.

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Cluster CC1

Cluster CC1 allows you to connect up to 5 EFOY PRO''s parallel with each other aswell with the fuel cartridge sensor and PC interface.

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M28 Fuel Cartridge Adaptor


The M28 adaptor is required when a M28 fuel cartridge is used with an EFOY PRO fuel cell.

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Duo Cart Switch


The Duo Cart Swith allows you to connect 2 fuel cartridges on 1 EFOY PRO fuel cell. Switching happens automatically from the moment 1 fuel cartridge is empty.

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Interface Adaptor

The interface adaptor IA1 allows the fuel cell EFOY PRO to communicate with your PC/laptop via the serial COM port.

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Pre-mounted metal case for outside use of the EFOY PRO fuel cells.

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EFOY PRO Rugged Cube

Pre-assembled rugged case for EFOY PRO fuel cell. For use under extreme conditions.

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