Rugged Cameras and Energy Systems


New products in our range !

Rapid Deployment Observation Unit

Very compact and easy-to-use camera unit which can be mounted any where in no time.

Operational in less than a minute.

This observation unit can be controlled from anywhere in the world as long as one has access to the internet

More info 26/11/2015

Oil Damped Bracket - Stainless Steel

More info 1/11/2014

Compact 3D Camera Controller

More info 1/11/2014

Fiber Optic Transceiver

More info 1/11/2014

Hybrid Charger Controller 700W

More info 21/10/2014

Charge Controller 10A

More info 20/10/2014

Charge Controller 20A

More info 20/10/2014

Compact Wind Turbine 12V/24V - 500W

More info 20/10/2014

12V/125W Solar Panel - Foldable/Portable

More info 20/10/2014