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Since 1994 FTA specializes in the development and manufacturing of compact but robust cameras. Just where the circumstances demand the utmost of your equipment, FTA offers, in combination with easy use, a sustainable solution with a very high optical quality.

The vandalism-proof, yet elegant cameras in combination with video registration, image analising, wireless image transmission and camera control via mobile network and/or satellite, together with a large range of methanol fuel cells – and other energy sources- makes FTA your ideal partner for mobile and stand-alone camera applications.


Why choose for FTA? All our products are reliable, easy to use and to install but rugged as well.  Made of high-end quality materials combined with the newest – but proven – technology we also make sure that all systems stay quickly exchangeable by a modular system.


The commercial range of our products can by supplied in a powder coated military finish with electrical connections guaranteed by Milspec plugs and connectors as used on the FTA Military Range. Of course tailor made designs can be offered.

Because of the elegancy of the FTA products, they are sold on the exclusive market. For those who demand an extra touch or like to go really exclusive, we have our “Disegno Alechi” range. A unique combination of technique and luxury.
Cameras, monitors, control panels etc. finished in 24 karat gold whether combined with precious stones, fine wood or leather are the possibilities of “Designo Alechi”.


For explosive sensitive environments FTA also offers cameras and other related products who are approved for several danger zones.

All FTA cameras and other in-house products are manufactured in high-quality stainless steel. Therefore our products are the ideal solution for the observation of the production process in the world of food and pharmacy.