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A special attention was paid at the design of the FTA military camera range. Rugged as all FTA products, but also quickly exchangeable if needed.


Knowing that the modern soldier depends more than ever and even at night on an obstruction free, clear view, FTA fixed and mobile camera systems guarantee a failsafe and simple use beyond the expected.


Also FTA´s normal view and thermal view cameras can easily be exchanged according to the situation on the field.

FTA´s Situational Awareness camera range, zoom– and thermal camera systems are based on the simplicity in use even under stressful situations and in the harshest environments.


If a blind spot needs to be covered, a 360° view guaranteed, long ranges to be monitored, night driving assistance is needed or darkness and fog to be concurred, FTA certainly offers together with a wide range of military methanol fuel cells and accessories the right rugged camera solution for your project.

We understand that every military project needs a solution adapted to a specific application.
Contact us to assist you with a system fitted to your needs.